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Agency Spotlights

Success Stories Monthly Newsletters

June 2021 Newsletter


  • Spotlight On Lycoming-Clinton Counties Commission for Community Action (STEP), Inc.
    • The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP):  Two true stories of reduced utility costs and safer homes created for two residents through Community Action & WAP.   Individuals and families secure and maintain safe, affordable, and energy-efficient housing.  Community Action Agencies across PA assist residents in applying and completing the Weatherization Assistance, or similar programs, for their homes.
  • Spotlight On Lebanon County Community Action (LCCA)
    • The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP):  Five true stories of how Community Action & ERAP are helping families face several Covid-19 burdens.  Residents struggling to pay rent and utilities are getting financial assistance from Community Action Agencies in paying their rent and utilities.

May 2021 Newsletter


  • Spotlight On Blueprints of Washington & Greene Counties
    • Community Action is helping our front line workers survive the financial burden of Covid-19.  When hours are cut short and the cost of living becomes a burden, CAA programs and assistance are available throughout the state.  Irene Keirsbilck, a 42-year Home Ownership Counselor with Blueprints, along with other counseling staff across PA, play important roles in helping our state's front line workers.
  • Spotlight On Montgomery County Community Action Development Commission (CADCOM)
    • Housing and support are provided for fortunate fathers vowing never to return to prison.  The Fathers House provides free housing and support services. Their goal for these men is successful reentry and self-sufficiency following their graduation from the program, and relocation from The Fathers House into their own homes.  CADCOM's The Fatherhood Empowerment Center is another example of CAA providing solutions to the "Father Absence" Crisis experienced by many families.
  • Spotlight On Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. (CSO)
    • A youth program helps bridge the gap to careers.  Students get help graduating from high school, getting a job, enrolling in post-secondary education and joining the military amid the uncertainty for many in this pandemic.  CSO's Bridges to the Future Program, along with similar programs at other Agencies, helps eligible students across PA.

April 2021 Newsletter


  • Spotlight On Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County (CAPLanc)
    • The Parents As Teachers Program helps parents learn about their own well-being and how it impacts our capacity as parents.  Support and encouragement of both parents and caregivers is essential for the development, learning and health of children.
  • Spotlight On Tri County Community Action (TCCA) Of Cumberland, Daughin & Perry Counties
    • Millions of Americans live in food deserts and the Covid-19 pandemic has made access to healthy food in those areas even harder to find.  Local research launched a new model to serve food deserts- It's called The Allison Hill Farmers Market. The idea for a market was founded on the need to create more opportunities for food access, and to encourage entrepreneurship among local, urban growers in the community.

March 2021 Newsletter


  • Spotlight On Bucks County Opportunity Council.
    • BCOC helps people facing eviction and lacking transportation.  A grandmother responsible for raising her grandchildren finds a stable home and three Self-Sufficiency clients receive free automobiles through BCOC partnerships in the community.
  • Spotlight On Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County.
    • The Parents As Teachers Program helps families move the success of each family member forward while kids are being remote-schooled from home.  One mother, challenged with a young special needs child, overcomes barriers to her son's success with CAPLANCs ongoing support and education.
  • Spotlight On Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc.
    • PSCI's Pardon Hub advocates for Community Action clients with criminal records by assisting and supporting them through the long application process for Pardons, Expungements and Re-Employment.

February 2021 Newsletter


  • Spotlight On Community Partnership, Inc. of Butler County.
    • A Goodwill food drive is relentless against  the added weight of the pandemic. - Community Action agencies, like this one, offer food banks across the state of PA.
  • Spotlight On Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County (CAPLANC)
    • Life Rebuilt After A Life Of Domestic Violence - Safe Houses, training and support allow victims to build their lives and become independent.  You can ask for and receive help today.
  • Spotlight on VP of Community Action Partnership of Cambria County's Board
    • Alanna Wilson - An article telling why building empathy and open dialogue is essential to building racial equality in our neighborhoods.
  • Spotlight On Greater Erie Community Action Committee
    • One In Ten Erie Residents Don't Have A High School Diploma -  How C.A.  Agencies can provide the means and support for earning a GED throughout the state.
    • Seth Pickens - An adult who earned a GED and college acceptance in his mid-20s.
    • Nicholas Walker - An adult who overcame family trauma and mental health struggles to earn his GED and build his future.

January 2021 Newletter


  • Spotlight On Tri County Community Action Of Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry County
    • Aram, Jessica, and their daughters, Maleah and Aramya face situational poverty due to medical conditions and lack of safe work.
  • Spotlight On Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. (PCSI)
    • Chelsey Sirmons faced a criminal record, mental & physical health challenges and addiction - now a business owner and financially self-sufficient.
    • Pardon Project allows PA residents with criminal records to apply for the pardon process with support from Community Action every step of the way.  Work development training and help connecting to employers is provided during the process.
  • Spotlight On Lycoming-Clinton Counties Commission for Community Action (STEP), Inc.
    • Alexandria Milano received parenting training and support that enabled her to earn a GED and the chance for stability for her and her young daughter.