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CAAP Matrix

Here is where you will find the programs Community Action offers in your community.

The CAAP Matrix highlights the variety of programs offered at 42 agencies across the commonwealth.  Not a single Community Action Agency "looks" the same.

Every three years, Pennsylvania's Community Action Agencies conduct a "Needs Assessment" of their local communities. This assessment informs Community Action of the effectiveness of its programs and helps determine whether the agencies should continue administering certain programs or implement newer, more effective services that meet the evolving nature of those in need.

Here are a few ways to find what you need:

1.  For a list of programs offered by your local Community Action Agency, click on the agency name below.

2.  For help locating your local agency, refer to the map in the PA Community Action Agencies page.

3.  To view the list of services and programs offered by community action, which will help put a name to the program or service you think you need, click here.

4.  To download a PDF copy of the Matrix, click on the image below.   In addition to the PDF download, you can also request a physical copy of the CAAP Matrix.  Requests should be made using the Contact Us form.

Click An Agency To Learn About Their Services And Programs